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Do it Now is a project Paul Richmond created / facilities / is a member of.

The group's recent history has been either a trio, including John Sheldon, Tony Vacca, and Paul Richmond

or a quartet,  adding Jo Sallins, or a 5 piece with Joe Nerney


Do It Now performed as a trio ( Paul Richmond, John Sheldon, and Tony Vacca) at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in Scotland, this was made possible by Robin Doty & Sheryl Stoodley  of Serious Play Theatre Ensemble. Who produced and directed 12 performance at the Fringe Festival, Do It Now  "Manual Override".


Paul Richmond has produced Do It Now performances at a variety of venues and they have been the opening night act at the Great Falls Word Festival two years in a row.


Click here to view one of the pieces from Thursday night 2018 show at the Great Falls Word Festival @ The Shea Theater - Do It Now performing "It's Not That Complicated" - John Sheldon, Tony Vacca, Jo Sallins and Paul Richmond


Click here for the complete show on Thursday night 2018 at the Great Falls Word Festival


After viewing the show if you enjoyed it please consider giving an donation here, you can also buy from us directly our EPs, etc


Here's a link to our new EP 5 4 5, you can listen here to all the cuts for free, please let us know what you think and if you would be so kind to pass it along, the new EP is called 5 4 5, which is 5 cuts for $5


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Check out the youtube channel for many individual performances

"Saw this amazing show at the Fringe; the passionate words of encouragement to act against the current fascist oppressive climate does indeed deserve to have a much wider audience. The fine poetry, extraordinary rhythms and crafty guitar licks resonate deeply while searching for an authentic American soul. But whether performing for the few or the many, this show makes a lasting impact. Love to you guys! Xx"  Craig Pinder

Do It Now: Manual Override  **** (Four stars)

by Mike Took Write Outloud

John Sheldon, Paul Richmond, Tony Vacca.  theSpace @ Niddry Street.  August 13th-25th. 10.30pm.


American trio Sheldon, Richmond and Vacca (pictured) provide a powerful fusion of music, words and percussion in this enthralling 50 minute show.


These three performers each demonstrate a very different skillset for our delectation and would undoubtedly be comfortable performing in any solo capacity


However the combination of that guitar with Richmond’s mesmerising lyrics and almost dream-like delivery is sewn together improbably yet with utter completion by the phenomenal antics of Tony Vacca whose billing as “percussion” does not do him justice.  Just the sight of Vacca’s rig dominating the stage is enough to command the audience’s attention, but when he starts playing the combination of rhythmic and musically percussive instruments that surround him the Do It Now spell is truly cast.


John Sheldon, it would seem, can do no wrong with his Stratocaster but instead gives us melodies and undercurrents that summon emotions which resonate far beyond the boundaries of this small Edinburgh room.  And if this wasn’t giving you enough of a high Richmond’s wily and evocative spoken words dress the experience with a narrative which bounces effortlessly but incisively along important subjects like politics, imprisonment, love and dog-envy.


No work-in-progress, no experimentation or ill-advised risk-taking.  This is three guys who have been places and done stuff, doing their thing together, as one. Sublime.

I just experienced one of the most exciting musical events of my life! Yes, it was that good! Brilliant Brilliant Brilliant!! John Isaac Sheldon, Paul Richmond, and Tony Vacca, I feel like you created a new art form, broad and inclusive enough and also searing and incisive enough to capture and express the complexities, contradictions, absurdities, and passion of these times. I sure hope there are more performances of this amazing collaboration in the works! If there is anything I can do to help make it happen, I'd be honored to help.


Second Show 8 months later

Once again, you guys blew me away (and not just me). I think the magic of the brew you serve is the way it penetrates right through the outer layers of ordinary audiencing and listening and kind of lands (the way depth charges land sometimes) in the deeper realms of heart and soul. Your passionate concoction of vibrant and bone-shaking beats, soaring melody and plaintive blues, and shocking and darkly humorous spoken word quickly overcomes all the standard defenses of minds hardened to these challenging times and carries a message of truth and hope deep into the body, heart, and soul. This is transformative art. Thank you, John, Paul, and Tony for sharing yourselves so heartfeelingly and thoroughly. Love, Paul Kaufman