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Fourth Book
You Might Need A Bigger Hammer

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Third Book
"Too Much of a Good Thing
In the Land of Scarcity
Breeds Contempt"

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Too Much of a Good Thing - In the Land of Scarcity - Breeds Contempt
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Ready or Not - Living in the Break Down Lane"
Is the second book by Paul Richmond

Press Release:  Human Error Publishing – Announces the publishing of “Ready or Not - Living in the Break Down Lane”, Paul Richmond's second book

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Press Release: Human Error Publishing – announces the publishing of “No Guarantees – Adjust & Continue” by Paul Richmond

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“No Guarantees – Adjust & Continue” can be bought as a digital download for all ebook formats at Smashword Click Here

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I met Paul Richmond aka "the assassin of apathy" in Austin, TX in 2010 and we hung out a lot during the festival. He still stays in touch and sends me poetry pretty regularly. I think he stands pretty comfortably as one of the most admirable American poet deluxes that I know. His form is often tongue and cheek, it is without ego and I think his greatest strength is his clarity. He is foremost I think, an activist but realizes that people will listen far more attentively when they are entertained and so he fuses a keen sense of showmanship with his keen social, political and environmental awareness. He doesn't preach, sermonize or demonize and his work has many similarities to perhaps I think, the cartoons of Leunig in that it brims with humor, wit, insight and calling things as he sees them.
Brent Downes - ACUPGA President/ Faculty: Arts and Sciences · Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

The first time I saw Paul Richmond, I was a judge for a poetry competition for the Florence Poets Society. There were a lot of great poems that day, also many pretty awful ones. As soon as I saw Paul, I knew something was up with this guy. He had a "look' to him like I was really in for something. One of those funny glowing aura things you see around an intensely creative person. Well I was right. His words were awesome, his delivery a beautiful thing, and he made me think about things while making me laugh heartily at the same time. I immediately bought his book and had him sign it and have been a huge fan ever since. Pick up a copy of everything this guy has ever written, I promise you will not be disappointed!! To see him perform live is an absolutely wonderful experience also.

Peter Smolenski
Abstract Artist – Creator of Global online art and poetry events

Paul Richmond has published a glossy-covered little book of irreverent, funny poems. He calls them "stories," and they are that too, most with a moral, or a peek into that we all would be seconds if we were merchandise. He writes in a really loose, train-of-consciousness style that is easy to follow, inexplicably hilarious, and reminds me of Ginsberg and Beat poetry. The book is R-rated, you'd have to say. Jonathan von Ranson

Quirky stories & revealing surprises abound here. Short and packed with meaning, these are stories to be savored. One can almost see them as performance pieces. Protest art. Surreal emotional moments. Paradoxical portraits. This author has a strong and unique voice. Great collage art on the covers. A rare book, worth seeking out. As the author states, "The secrets that are revealed in this book will change everyone's life around you. Unfortunately you have to change your own life." VisionWorks - Dick Mcleester


Paul Richmond remembers his first attempts to keep a journal. How bad his hand writing was, not being able to keep within the lines. Not knowing what to write, just knowing he wanted to write. 41 years later after many journals, performance pieces in which he wrote or co-wrote the scripts for his solo, duet, and group shows. He starter to assemble these writings he saw as “stories”. This led to more of this type of writing and presenting at local poetry / spoken word events. Which have been collected to create:

Book One - “No Guarantees – Adjust and Continue.”
Book Two - "Ready or Not - Living in the Break Down Lane"
Third Book - "
Too Much of a Good Thing - In the Land of Scarcity - Breeds Contempt" Fourth Book - "You Might Need A Bigger Hammer"

First Published:

Ethos, December 1976 Buffalo, New York

On Being A Man - Experiencing Support Groups - Tolstoy College - College F, Jan 1976

Recently Published:

Austin, TX 2017, 2013 & 2011 edition of the Adult Anthology Di-verse-city

Austin, When Time & Space Conspire, 2017

Silkworm 2017, 2014, 2011, 2010, and 2008 the annual review of the Florence Poets Society

All Small Caps Anthology - Jan 2006 - Jan 2007 - Featured Readers - All Small Caps Press

Preoccupied with Austin 2012

Naugatuck River Review 2012 and 2010

Equinox - The fall 2008 - An annual literary journal of stories, poems, essays and art.

MA Poetry Web site 2012

2009, 2010, 2011 Global On Line Art Show
Artists, participated in this online art gallery featuring Abstract Artist, Poets, Photos, Paintings, and Music. Paul Richmond participated three years in a roll with close to 6000 visitors at the last show.
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